Project 52 – 5/52 – The Birthday Girl

This weeks portrait was made on an iPhone using the Instagram app. The subject is Mysha who had a birthday week last week! It was a great reggae themed party!



Project 52 – 3/52 Camping Style


The awesome Schools in Scouting staff from Camp McLean.

We had just finished off 3 days of day camps with the kids at Camp McLean in Langley, BC when I came to realize that they would have to be my subjects for my project this week. Pictured above from left to right are; Cookie (didn’t get the memo about the shirt coordination), Squishy (survival specialist and egg breaker), Mexi (canoe’er and dancer), Polar Bear (firebug and manure shoveler(I’ll let your figure out how)), Dynamite (camp skills and dynamo), Princess Peach (the muffin maker), Ya-Ya (who loved our kids so much she just came back for fun), and Wonder Woman (the intrepid leader and true wonder (Nooo – not the jacket!)). Some are holdovers from previous years (Wonder Woman, Mexi, Ya-Ya (I can’t remember her new camp name this year – someone correct me!) and some are new, but it’s always as if we are all old friends.

This is the 5th(?) year we’ve been going to this camp and every year the camp staff amazes me with their enthusiasm, energy, and love of working with kids. Truly amazing. With recent job action, we were not allowed to provide extra-curricular activities beyond normal school hours and because of the Scouts and Wonder Woman, we made camp work this year in a day camp format. Everyone was bummed that campfire wouldn’t happen but one of our great parents (Dawn Pigeon take a bow) along with other equally great helper parents, provided a campfire evening at her house.

The most amazing part of this and the reason for this weeks subject? The entire camp staff came to the Pigeon household to participate in campfire! After a day of running activities in the POURING RAIN, they came to campfire in the POURING RAIN and made sure everyone had a great time with a traditional campfire. Well done and AMAZING!!

Scouts have always been a service oriented group with a true moral compass that has striven to produce good people. In this day and age that’s a truly remarkable thing. The Schools in Scouting program is terrific and I can’t recommend it enough. They make sure that everyone is valued and everyone has a memorable time. Thank you!!


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Project 52 – 2/52 Jason Craft ~ Artist


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The school that I work at has been looking to update our identity and commissioned a mural to be done in our front entrance way. Jason Craft is an artist that specializes in murals (you can find more of his work here) and was commissioned to paint one for Don Christian Elementary.

After much input from parents, teachers, administration, and students, a design was agreed upon and this is a small portion of the resulting mural. In total it spans about 3 times what you see here. Over the course of about 3 weeks the mural was completed with everyone amazed at the daily progress. It was quite amazing to see!

Thank you to Jason for sitting (well standing) for a portrait and letting me use him in my photo project.

Project 52 – 1/52 The McMurray Family

Kicking off the project with a family portrait of the McMurray’s! We had been meaning to do these photos for about month but schedules and weather just weren’t working until recently. I met this wonderful family at Campbell Valley Park do our session. It’s been a while since I’ve photographed a family other than my own and it was a ton of fun. Thanks again guys for the great day!


Back in action and a new project…

So I’ve been really wanting to start photographing people more to re-build my portfolio and shoot more often. Photographing people has always been the aspect of photography that I really enjoy (that and buying gear!) and I do a ton of it. Unfortunately, I can never post any of it because it’s often of my students and I can’t post anything of them without parent permission. They do however, make terrific guinea pigs for me to refine whatever technique I’m working on and love to be hams in front of the camera.

So what to do? Start a new project of course! Project 52 – Portrait edition. My goal is to do a portrait a week come hell or high water. We’ll see what happens…. stay tuned!


First portrait session in a while

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a proper portrait session with someone over the age of 13 and I hope it’s not my last. Now I did photograph Jillian before, about 8 years ago when she herself was 13 and in my class! She’s all grown up now and is an amazing young woman. We managed to stay in touch over the years which has been great. Here’s a triptych of the session we had at White Rock beach. It was a blast and we have more planned for the future. I hope to do more portrait sessions in the future. Any takers?

Anyway… the triptych.

Click for the gallery of images.

Twin-ies in Hawaii


So I’m on the island of Oahu right now and strangely enough there’s a Premium Outlet mall. It’s not a very big outlet mall at all and soon I’m just kind of waiting around since I can’t find anything to buy.

So what to do? I left my camera at the villa and all I had was my iPhone camera. Take photos of matchy – matchy tourists of course. I only wish that I started this as soon as I got there because there were some beauties.

An my favourite…


Life on the Sticket line


Day 1 of the teacher’s strike was today. Support for us was overwhelmingly positive so thank you for that! I know that not everyone supports us but we and I believe it’s the right thing to do. Bill 22 is a very scary proposition for us. It’s just not right. Government please negotiate in good faith.

Some photos from today.









Working with video

I’ve been playing with more video lately as I want to make the kids year end show completely with video and no still shots. I don’t know if it’ll happen because sometimes photos are just better (and my video skills are a bit lacking).

In Final Cut Pro X for Mac’s they have a revamped slow motion sequencer and frame smoother (interlacer) called Optical Flow. Before this I was using a program called Twixtor to do slow motion but was limited by my camera as it only filmed at 30 frames a second. With my new camera shooting 60 frames per second and using FCPX here is the result of my testing. Not too bad but still some funny things going on.