So I must admit that I was a bad husband on this one. I never realized, guessed, figured out, thought that my wife Julina was interested in photography. I was wrong! I always thought that she just put up with my obsession/hobby but she secretly wanted to do some shooting on her own.

Well the opportunity came about this Christmas. She bought me a new camera, a Canon 60D, and asked what I was going to do with my old (but still excellent) T1i. I said it would be a backup or to run 2 lenses if I was at an event. She told me she was always interested in photography and wanted to give it a try.

We’ve gone out now 2 days just to walk around and photograph stuff. I have to say that I enjoy photography more now than ever as it’s something we do together. The only problem is I have to fight to use certain lenses now! She has a great eye and is eager to learn. I love it.

Check out her Flickr stream. Click here