This past year I’ve had an amazing group of kids to teach. They are athletic, very bright, helpful, and thoughtful. Of all the classes that I’ve had in my career this one stands out. They are not above themselves and are always willing to try something new and not afraid to make fun of themselves. I’m sorry to see them go.

As a last photoshoot I gathered up some of my 13 year olds and presented them with the idea of doing an Ugly Betty shoot mainly because of their braces! Two of them have had braces for a while now but Bri had only gotten her’s last week. Normally when a child gets braces, especially a girl, they are extremely self-conscious but not Bri. These three girls ran with my idea despite my only directions being, “Monday, photo shoot, Ugly Betty. In?” Really, not much more was said. They didn’t ask what for or why. They just went with it.

Well Monday rolled around and after school they waited until everyone left and went and got changed. I didn’t expect them to come as prepared as they did. They raided their parent’s closets for sweater vests and drawers for old eye glasses. I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised seeing as they’ve done this all year for me with little or no explanation, just trust that it would turn out somehow. I wish I still had a studio to work in as full length shots would have been great. Head to toe they where ‘geeked’ out!

Here are the results.

Bri - Ugly Betty

Bri - Top All Around Student 2011, Honour Roll, Athletics Award

Emily - Ugly Betty

Emily - Honour Roll, Fine Arts Award, Sports Award

Caity - Honour Roll, Leadership and Service Award

These were all photographed in my classroom using a projector screen as the background. The background light was a flash with a paper cone on it to control the light and the main light was a home made beauty dish reflector. There was also a white reflector to the right to soften the shadows. Shot with my Canon T1i and a 50mm f/1.8 lens @f/2.8

Here’s how they look before the transformation just so you don’t think that’s their normal look. These photos are from our dinner and dance.

Bri and Caity