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So the assignment we go last week was, “This week’s assignment? 10 minutes from home. What the heck does that mean? It means that you need to walk, jog, ride your bike or drive 10 minutes away from home. Not nine minutes, not eleven, but ten. Stop at ten minutes and take pictures – post your favourite(s) – up to three – to the flickr group.”

Well walking from home in Cloverdale does not get you too far or at least to anywhere particularly interesting unlike if I lived in Vancouver let’s say. So what to do? Bike with 20 lbs of gear on my back? Nah. I drive and when the 10 minute timer went off on my phone I was at Barnston Island. It had been a long time since I’ve been there and strangely enough they’ve built houses on the hill overlooking the island! Who would have thought.

The sky was fantastic this day with broken clouds and sun peaking out. Shot one is of the ferry terminal if you could call it that for the flat deck ferry to Barnston Island. I do love the bright colours though.

Photo 2 from this expedition is of the mill kitty corner to the terminal pictured above. This photo was one of the last I took and it’s a reflection of the building in a large puddle in the ferry parking lot. If you look closely you can see the pavement in the sky!


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