Today was successful day for Don Christian Elementary. We participated in the Elementary Volleyfest at the Harry Jerome Centre in Burnaby bringing a team of girls and a team of boys. The boys had the most success of either or any team for that matter. The went undefeated at the tournament regularly crushing opponents all the while playing exceptional 3 hit volleyball. Bump, set, hit was on full display! In the final game of their playoff the faced the other undefeated team in the tournament beating them by an average score of 18 points. Their hitting, serving, and positional play was superb.

The girls also did well in winning their playoff pool (tier 2) but were unfortunately unable to adapt as well as the boys to the play of the opposite team. What do I mean by this? We teach the girls to always play 3 hit ball, essentially proper volleyball as it will be played in high school and in the rest of life. Unfortunately, we only met 2 other teams out of the 5 we played that played with the same philosophy as we do. Our girls to their credit would not fall into the “ping pong” game that other teams were playing and played like they were taught. We were extremely proud of them but frustrated that they deserved a better fate and should have been playing in the top pool against better teams. Oh well, the girls did win, they got their prize shown below and all they will remember is that they won. They’re happy then the coaches should be happy too!