1st snow of the season! I think this is probably more snow than we got during the Olympics. This shot is of the road just before hill where we live. It’s pretty steep and after a few cars, when the snow is packed down, it gets pretty slick.

Now I do know that some people actually look at this blog although I’m not too sure how closely, here’s an example of what you can do to a photograph if you shoot in “raw” format. Raw format is basically the raw image data before it becomes an actual image that is usable. With a raw image you can do some amazing things. You can enhance, change, and remove colour to a much great degree than you can with the industry standard .jpg image. In addition to colour, you can greatly enhance sharpness, highlights, shadows, tone, saturation, as well as luminance and chromiance noise reductions. Essentially, you can bring images to life.

I should probably post a different and amazing image after that rant but below is the same image as above but with only a custom white balance set after the picture was taken. You can not do this with a .jpg image. The street lamps are tungsten lights which put out a yellow hue to the light. A custom white balance can take that completely out.