I ended up in Port Kells to take some photographs yesterday and finally had some time to post-process them today. While looking around the Port Kells Community Centre a little old man walked by me and down the stairs. Curious me, I followed to see what was down there.

What I found was the Port Kells Boxing Club.

I spoke to the trainer who opened up the gym and asked if I could take some photos. He said, “Sure” then told me about the gym. He was an old gentleman who reminded me of Mickey from the Rocky movies. A bit hunched over, perhaps 70 or so years old if not older, and quite spritely as he shadow boxed in front of the mirror. He was the head trainer and has worked there for the past 20  years and the club has existed for even longer, perhaps another 30 years. I’m definitely going to have to go back and do an environmental portrait of him.

Here’s a photograph of the gym and the original below it. This photograph was handheld using only what light came in the door and the fluorescent lights in the gym. I made it monochrome, added some noise, grain, and a bit of a vignette to it using Photoshop. This is what my mind saw when I first saw the gym. It really makes it feel like and old school, tough guy kind of gym. Click for the full effect (the thumbnail doesn’t do it justice.)

The original shot.