I was playing around late one evening (my usual work time) and I was playing with OCF (off camera flash). Basically, I was being a dork and taking pictures of myself or more specifically, my new Titleist hat that took me 2 weeks to final decide to buy.

Anyway here’s one of the first shots that I took.

I took this shot using one flash and was just playing around with the position of the light and how it wrapped around an object. It was then I thought, “What the hell? I have a big speck of dust on my camera sensor!” I zoomed into the photograph to see what the heck the dark spot was on my hat. Click the picture above to get a close up view of what I saw!

That’s right a big ole nasty ——– !! If you know me and how much they love me and how much I hate them you would not be surprised to find that I spent the next hour tracking it down and finally killing it. I would not have gotten a lick of sleep that night know that it was coming to get me and get me it would.

Finally, my final hat logo shot. One flash and some white paper used as a reflector to reduce the contrast. It’s a great hat by the way!