What a great day today!! I’ll let the photographs tell most of the story.

1st photograph is of the scene from when we first started our ride in False Creek. This photo is an 8 shot panoramic that is 10567 × 1623. Click on it to enlarge to full size and check out the detail!

The 2nd and 3rd photographs were the focus of our bike ride today, the seafood stand, Go Fish. If you haven’t been here before you must go and try some of the best fish tacones on the planet! So tasty and the fish and chips are damn good as well.

Our ride continued down the Seaside bikeway towards Kits Beach I stopped to photograph a guy flying a arobatic kite. At Kit’s we had a quick rest and admired the “scenery.”

I know what you were expecting but it would have been a waste with the point and shoot camera!

From there we headed back to Granville Island. Along the way I got some action shots too.

Just outside of Granville Island we saw this guy who stacks rocks. Now initially that doesn’t sound too exciting but this guy stacks them on their points! Amazing!

We ended the ride back at Science World parked on a side street where across the street was the Welcome/Sales Centre for the condos that used to be the Olympic Athlete’s Village. It was there I saw an interesting juxtaposition. Luxury reflected in a rundown old window.

We finished off the day with a nice scoop of gelato then home, sun by the pool, a quick swim, and a bbq dinner. All in all a great day.