Today was notable for one very good reason, I finished my second “big boy” book today! I finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown after starting it a couple of days ago. My wife was right it was a very good read and definitely a step up from my normal “teen” books that I read to stay current for the kids in my class. Before this I had read The DaVinici Code in just a couple of days as well.

Today’s photos were done on my wife’s iPhone using a small app called “Hipstamatic.” What this program allows you to do is mimic the old school cameras of years past and the characteristics they afforded. For example you can choose the lens, film, and flash the camera uses. The photographs will come in a variety of dimensions a well.

Today’s photographs were of my in-law’s garden. I can see a bunch of uses for this little app as the pictures definitely look vintage and if used correctly even edgey. I love how the film/lens combo’s match the borders on the prints it produces as well. Very cool!

Same scene using two different lens and film combinations.

Final image.