My first real people shot of Project 365 which I find very strange because that’s all I really used to photograph. I found it odd when taking this photograph that I felt a bit of trepidation. Not because I didn’t know this person, actually it was quite the opposite, I know this person very well but more because I hadn’t photographed anybody except for family, friends, and students in 10+ years!!

This is a photograph of Mike. He is one of my barbers and along with Sam, they own Attractions in Central City Mall. Either Mike or Sam has been cutting my hair for almost 20 years and maybe more (I’ve lost count but I’m sure Sam could tell you).

I’m hoping to be able to start taking more photographs of random people that I find interesting. We’ll see!

Here’s the same shot doing a bit of Photoshop. Not too sure it’s not too cheesey though!