Another late post… it’s 2:32 am and I’ve just finished my report cards that are due tomorrow (sic. today). Of course no one’s fault but my own. I could have done them over spring break but then again it was supposed to be a break right? And then there was Tuesday and Wednesday but then again the Canucks were playing so I think we can pretty much make the conclusion which was more important!!

We went to my parents place for dinner on Thursday because they were paving our complex and here’s what we had for dinner.

Korean ribs. Mmmm….

This next photo is for all of you who think that I don’t know what a vegetable looks like! Remember some of us in life are meatasaurus by choice.

Now of course there were other foods (many infact. We are Chinese after all. It’s all about excess) as well but I only took pictures of these two items.

I still assert that a potato is a vegetable by the way and here’s my proof for all the nay-sayers. From, “Yes, a potato is a considered a vegetable. The term vegetable is not a scientific term; the general definition is an edible plant or an edible part of a plant.”