Not much to report today that’s for sure. I’m also a bit late in posting but it was a travel day and there wasn’t really much to photograph to be honest. So here a few more random shots from the trip.

Our plane. This was actually the only photograph that I took of the day. There was no rest on plane trip with the children from hell behind us and a mother with all the parenting skills of a brick. At least the take off and the landing were smooth this time around. On the way to California we encountered turbulence pretty much as soon as we took off and the landing… I think we blew the shocks. The plane hit very hard on the landing at John Wayne Airport. Kinda scary and it made the rides at Disneyland seem tame. We arrived back in Seattle around 1pm and traffic along the I5 all the way to Bellingham was BRUTAL. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the traffic that bad on the Interstate.