Well it’s nice to be back in business as you can see. I called up the Apple store at Fashion Island and asked them if they had any to rent or that I could borrow. The guy on the phone just asked me why didn’t I just buy one and return it as they have a 14 day return policy! Well that sealed it for me as you can see. At least I’m back in business now and can continue to post a photo a day. For some reason this stupid project is making me nuts! I’m consumed with creating a photograph, something unique, for each day. I think that J is sorry that she ever bought me this camera for Christmas. I love it though and am enjoying shooting again.

Today we went to a place called San Juan Capistrano where they have an old mission dating back to the late 1700’s. Apparently, they have a celebration each year for the return of the swallows (birds) and they are famous for this. This old mission we visited was very interesting and probably older than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Here are a couple of photos of the mission and some interesting artifacts. The photograph of the church bells shows how the bells were arranged. Unfortunately, the two bells on the left are replicas because they were destroy in an earthquake some number of years ago. The two smaller bells survived and they are over 100 years old.

Here’s my photo of the day. This photo is of the area of worship in the mission. It’s still used today by many of the visitors. It was very dark except for the bright lights on the alter and background. I used Photomatix to fuse 3 images together to try and capture the entire photo from light to dark.