Well yesterday was a day of travel to Seattle after a late’ish start to the day. I’d been fighting a chest cold but it turned out that it was a bit of an infection. So an hour later than we had planned we were off to Seattle for the day then to Newport Beach in the morning. Our first stop was for some food at Bob’s Burgers and Brews (which has GIGANTIC portions if you’ve never been) with our new friend!

We hit Tulalip Outlet mall for a while then to South Center and then to our hotel. After a great (not) sleep on a Hide-away bed where I thought I was going to crush J. in her sleep, we woke to this lovely weather, rain and cold.

Off to the airport where what else awaited us? Yes, a 25 minute delay. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who had to use the bathroom. I think we’ve been spoiled by the nice new airport we have in Vancouver because these one seemed kind of gross to us as you can see by our indecision as to what stall to use.

After much delay we arrived at the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana California and here is my photo of the day!

Nothing says America like John Wayne backdropped by an American flag! As soon I saw the statue I thought it was going to be good.

Hopefully I can keep posting my photos of the day but we’ll see how the battery situation goes.