Well it’s the end of an era. The Z1000 will be gone as of Saturday. An amazing bike with power to spare and best of all it photographed well! The lack of plastic made for more intricate details that aren’t visible on regular sport bikes. Here’s a couple of pics.

This was taken on the side of the road off the Fraser River just outside of Fort Langley. What do I like about this shot? I find it somewhat dramatic mostly because of the angle of the shot. This particular shot is also a good example of the Rule of Thirds.

This shot was taken when I first got the bike in 2005. Night photography is not an easy thing and most good night photography is not truly taken at night but rather at dusk or dawn. It’s important that the sky have some detail if at all possible otherwise the image may have too much negative space. This was taken at dusk under a street lamp in a parking lot. The contrast was enough to be dramatic but not enough to lose highlight and shadow detail. No post processing was done here.